They underestimated her, but now she’s taking back what is hers.

Settling down in her new home, Malkia now knows the unvarnished truth, or so she believes. Her memories from her childhood have returned, and she’s aware of her father’s desire to use her as a weapon. With her powers building within, she feels she’ll have the ability to retrieve her daughter from the grasp of her parent’s.

However, the malicious murders inside Domesca’s boundaries, Mataya’s abrupt disappearance, and the sudden change in Dario’s behavior have her second guessing what she thinks she knows. As she is forced to face more evils and life-altering lessons, she wonders if she ever knew any truth about her life.

Embarking on her new journey, she quickly realizes the war she witnessed on Esaki, is nothing compared to the bloodshed and atrocities she will partake in, as Enyo’s Warrior.