Infernal Crystals

Shadow of the Serpent Curse (PREQUEL)

It spread like a virus, driving each nation into a war that drastically changed our world.

An enchanter’s world.

As sisters we were destined to be best friends, but our differences divided us and we could never agree on anything.

Not us. Not even close.

Our realities clashed on every level, driving our intense hatred to penetrate each arena of our lives. Even with our high-status alchemy abilities, aligning in our new magical world became an impossible task.

But then those tear-filled eyes displayed the child’s terror, and it broke us wide open.

We fought on every decision until her life depended on our unity.

Descendant of the Serpent Queen (BOOK ONE)

Magical gorgons do not exist anymore.

Only deformed ones. That’s me. An unmagical, deformed gorgon.

While the world’s alchemy progression advanced without me, and the enchanters became the dominant rulers of land and sea, my meager status as a vapid allowed me to fly under the radar. That is, if my sleepy serpent remained tucked underneath my long locks.

All that changed when a faerie buzzed into my life and brought Huxley slithering from his cocoon. Now I have caught the eye of a fearsome Nephilim, who is the Director over my new work position, an angry but dangerously attractive werewolf, who shows up nearly everywhere I go, and the resistance group, whose arrival to the city aligns with the murder of another gorgon.

Who am I to trust when even my best friend, Freya, is keeping secrets?

My only solace is Ian, an unmagical gorgeous man. We bond over our absent powers, and he enraptured me with his piercing attention and heated touch.

It’s a shame all great things must end, including my life. A war is on the horizon, and my coveted blood is the prize.

Read Shadow of the Serpent Curse, prequel of Infernal Crystals before beginning Audrey’s story!

***Descendant of the Serpent Queen is the first full-length book in the Infernal Crystals series and leans closer to Urban, while subsequent volumes will anchor readers into its darker themes. This series is strongly recommended for those 18+ due to violence, intense language, and spicy sexual situations***


As a vapid, I remained invisible. As a gorgon, the most powerful craved my blood.

It happened so quickly. My intense alchemist power awakened and roared through my veins. It unleashed its vengeance, silencing my attackers before I had a moment to second-guess my actions.

But I don’t regret it. Not one satisfying moment.

Now, I am surrounded by my family and strangers whose secrets run deeper than the oceans and I am more alone than ever, questioning my entire existence. The events of the past twenty years were all set in motion because of me and I am teetering on an edge where I lose, no matter which way I jump.

The gorgon scepter remains missing—the one from my dreams and in Tessa’s notes at Kerenza. Finding it is the only hope I have left and I will sign a deal with the devil himself if it means gaining my freedom and protecting the ones I love.

***Guardians of the Serpent Empire is the second full-length book in the Infernal Crystals series and dives farther into its darker and spicier themes. This series is strongly recommended for those 18+ due to violence, intense language, and powerful sexual situations.