Released August 11th, 2020


Three unlikely guardians have been chosen to breathe life back into Earth, but the prophecy is not welcomed by all the planet’s inhabitants.

Zoe Dawn’s headstrong tendencies has brought the wrath of the Doyen upon her. But another tribe has their eyes on her ignited fire and will stop at nothing to claim Zoe Dawn as their own.

Alex has traveled a long way to find a safe place to survive, but her first mistake was returning to her hometown. Thousands of years and an entirely different dimension will not stop her enemies from pursuing her flood of abilities.

Kia Lynn has been marked by the rune of protection, causing her elemental connection with the two other guardians to disintegrate. As her best friend is dragged away by a masked intruder, the rune activates and she is forced into a whirlwind of chaos that is filled with ghosts from her past.

Once these three are united, an unstoppable force could be invoked, but if they remain separated without completing their destinies, the portal for Earth’s demise will open instead.

If you enjoyed The Hunger Games or The 100, then you will love Niki Livingston’s new mystical series.

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Released November 10th, 2020

Expanded Chaos

Earth’s transformation swept like wildfire across the globe, but now threats of extinction hover in the heavens as well as on sturdy ground.

Whispers of her mother returning consume Kia Lynn’s every thought, but she quickly realizes the intentions of her mother might not have always been pure. An unbroken bond between them lingers, convincing her she can still save the woman she loves most in the world.

Zoe Dawn’s confidence has soared because of her elemental connection to Mother Gaia. Revealing her true nature is now more important than ever, but a secret exchange between the Doyen and a stranger could dim her fire and have her questioning her place among her people.

Alex’s hidden past is being unraveled through spiteful actions of her aunt, who also threatens Alex’s very existence. An uncle who risked his life to protect her and the time machine that gave her a new beginning, have been ripped away to ensure her past escape will become her eternal grave.

The three elementals believed their obligation was fulfilled, but as the world awakens, new foes and challenges arise intent on destroying all they have created.

If you enjoyed
The Hunger Games or The 100, then you will love Niki Livingston’s new mystical series.

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