A missing link to their elemental magic has been hidden from them, and now that the power of three has been forced apart, it will take an energy far greater than they can imagine to unite the elementals once again.

Alex had no choice but to stay behind, alone. Whispers of a painting increase her unease, but saving her father and sisters is the mission at the forefront of her mind. Between the rogue riders, the black void, and a battle with the anaman fleet, she is second-guessing all that brought her to this dimension.

Every which way Kia Lynn turns, another person reveals their revulsion for her mother, but deep inside, she holds onto hope of gaining Tallisa’s love. The longing weighs heavily on her heart, bringing with it self-doubt in her abilities. It has proven to be safer to play small and live in the shadows of those far more powerful than her.

A new family awaits Zoe Dawn. Leaving with Lindon had not been her plan, but with the anaman fleet hovering in the skies, she had to make a choice. Live now, fight later. When a handsome, sapphire-eyed man reveals her potential, she realizes there has to be a much better approach to end the battle she knows is ahead.

Unbeknown to the three elementals, a final transcendence must ignite across the lands of Earth, but this time, it will require more than the power of three. A lower vibration still tethers them to their old behaviors, and in order to complete their destinies, they must release their attachments before the final one awakens.