Theia’s Moons Series

Perfect for fans of The 100 and The Divergent Series. This Epic Fantasy series begins with one woman’s haunted dreams of a forgotten past, which then spirals into a gripping story of courage, perseverance, and unconditional love.

A broken past. And a propaganda so dark, it could shatter a person’s soul.

Years after the sky people’s destruction upon the Esaki moon, Malkia’s people are now facing a new threat and mysterious enemy. Except this time the savages are gliding toward them by land, with strength, speed, and powers unknown to them, creating a mayhem of panic among her friends and family.

Deciding to abandon their home, Malkia and her people travel across their deserted world, racing away from the barbarians. They collide with the mystical creatures from ancient tales, dance along the path of uncertain death, and receive a startling reminder that they were never alone in the universe.

Note from the author – This is a full length novel, which begins the journey through Theia’s Moons and provides basic information in order for the following books to gain their own bearings. Each book increases in pace, suspense, and action/adventure and they must be read in order.