His eyes snapped open. It was unmistakable. The third elemental had been chosen and she was not who he had believed it would be.

Who is this new girl? His mind sifted through the connection with the others. The male was no longer visible.

“What is it?” Malcolm asked, reminding Tiordan he was not alone in the room.

Tiordan’s gaze lifted to look at the man who protected Mother Gaia’s elemental rock. “They have linked with one another, but it is not him.” He blew out a long breath, then pressed his palms together in front of his heart. “They are all female and the third just materialized out of thin air.”

Malcolm rubbed the back of his neck. “We have to retrieve them before the others realize the elementals have been activated. The mating ceremony is tomorrow. We must do it then as Tallisa’s people will be waiting.”

“I will let her know you are coming,” Tiordan replied as he rose to his feet. “What about water? Will you be able to find her?”

“Once we have one, the other two will come on their own,” Malcolm said. His hand pressed against the blackened window that overlooked Zion’s sanctuary. “She is growing weaker, Tiordan. The colors have faded as she is sending her magic out to connect with Her elementals. They must hear her cries.”

Tiordan nodded, but Malcolm was not looking his way. “They do hear Her, but they do not understand.”

“This is our last chance.” Malcolm’s jaw clenched when he turned to face Tiordan. “We must not allow anyone to stop Her ascension or else our world will be thrown in a chaos we will not be able to escape.”

“Understood,” Tiordan whispered with a curt nod, then he pivoted on his heel and left the room.

Her power was echoing against his skull, causing an anxiety to build up in his chest. Water was not her only gift. There was more to this girl than even he could see—a mystery to unravel. Was she really the missing key or was her presence the final dagger to Mother Gaia’s soul?