Kia Lynn

◾Quiet unless provoked◾Dreadlocks scattered through her hair◾Auburn hair◾Nickname – Sugar Plum◾Mother disappeared 9 full seasons earlier◾Zoe Dawn is her best friend/sister◾Birthmark on her calf, shaped like the kenaz rune


🌊ALEXANDRIA🌊 ◾Almost six feet tall◾Half human, half anaman◾Sky blue eyes◾Awkward◾Escaped from an alternate dimension◾Abducted from the year 2025◾Anaman markings that glow pale blue

Zoe Dawn

🔥ZOE DAWN🔥 ◾️ Bold and adventurous◾️ Hides her fears – uses humor to deflect◾️ Lives in the Black Mountain community◾️ Worships the Goddess◾️ Kenaz marking on chest – burns red

Expanded Chaos

Earth’s transformation swept like wildfire across the globe, but now threats of extinction hover in the heavens as well as on sturdy ground. Whispers of her mother returning consume Kia Lynn’s every thought, but she quickly realizes the intentions of…

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Marked Chaos

Three unlikely guardians have been chosen to breathe life back into Earth, but the prophecy is not welcomed by all the planet’s inhabitants. Zoe Dawn’s headstrong tendencies has brought the wrath of the Doyen upon her. But another tribe has…

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